Return Ticket on Transit

Experience fantastic Mandoe – the pearl of the North Sea. Buy your ticket online and skip the queue. Easy and easy.

Take off
We drive from Okholmvej 5, Vester Vedsted, 6760 Ribe from there Wadden Sea Centre.
Red – Blue TRAKTORBUS on the mainland. and return from Mandø Brugs.
Important remember to turn Right by the Green Tractor Bus.
Then that Green Traktorbus not are the Mandøbussen,
Mandøbussen are Red – Blue TRACTOR BUS.
Remember that it is the tide that determines the departure time!
Trips can always be made in addition to the regular departures. Call us on +45 75 44 51 07 and make an appointment.
The return ticket is only valid for trips that are on the roadmap unless otherwise agreed.
See more practical information.
Groups of 10 persons and above are invited to book a room on telephone 75 44 51 07,
where a group discount is agreed at the same time. We also offer special prices for schools and institutions.

60 kr.

Children (u/12 years)

Questions and answers - practical information

Can walking difficulties also drive?

The Mando bus has a double decker with lift on, so our wheelchair users and pedestrians
Passengers do not have trouble getting in and out of the bus.

Do you bring pets?

You may bring pets they are free to bring.

Can you buy a ticket on the bus instead?

You can buy a ticket before boarding the bus.