Driving instruction

The Mandøbus drive from the WaddenSea center in Vester Vedsted
Address: (where der Mandøbussen driven from and you buy their ticket in the Mandøbussen
Okholmvej 5. ( Zip code 6760 Ribe ).

  1. From south along road A11
  2. In the village Egebæk-Hviding: Turn left at the sign towards “Vester Vedsted”, “Mandø” and “Vadehavscentret”.
  3. In Vester Vedsted you follow the signs to “Vadehavscentret”
  4.  From north along road A11/from Ribe
  5. In the 2. roundabout south of Ribe: Turn right towards “Øster Vedsted” and “Vadehavscentret”.
  6. Drive through Øster Vedsted and Sdr. Farup. In Vester Vedsted, follow the signs to “Vadehavscentret”
  7. On bicycle from Ribe (approx. 10 km) Drive to the lock “Kammerslusen”.
  8. Drive south along the road behind the dike. At the road sign “Mandø Ebbevej”, turn left and follow the sign towards “Vadehavscentret”