Desert safari short trip with guided tour

Experience fantastic Mandoe – the pearl of the North Sea. Buy your ticket online and skip the queue. Easy and easy.

From 1– 6 to 31 – 8 is places reservation required!
Buy online or book by phone +45 75 44 51 07/+45 22 79 14 07. 
To be sure of a seat on the Mandø bus.
If there are too few registrations, the trip may be cancelled.
Take off
We drive from Okholmvej 5, Vester Vedsted, ( Zip code 6760 Ribe ) from there Wadden Sea Centre.
Red – Blue TRAKTORBUS on the mainland. and return from Mandø Brugs.
Mandøbussen are Red – Blue TRACTOR BUS.

Across Koresand

The tour is in English and Danish.
Link to Booking Click here.
On this tour, we will be driving across Koresand and making a stop on the westside of the isolated sandbank – in the middle of the Wadden Sea.

The tour has a duration of approximately 2 hours, and we will make one stop during the tour. During this stop you can explore the westside of the sandbank by foot. A nature guide from the Waddden Sea Centre will tell about the Wadden Sea, and it will be possible to ask questions about the Wadden Sea and Koresand. The guide will bring different equipment, so you can catch and explore some of the life we encounter during our time on Koresand.
The Westside of Koresand is very isolated and lie in the middle of nowhere – next stop to the west is England. During high tide and storm surges, facinating things are often washed ashore. If the wind conditions are right, it might be possible to find amber, other days you will have to “settle” for some of the most fantastic conchs and seashells from the North Sea.
This Koresand tour will start on the island of Mandø. The ticket also includes the transportation with tractor bus from the Wadden Sea Centre to Mandø and back again. This bus leaves 1 hour before the tour starts on Mandø (tour start is available on the ticket). On Mandø you will have to change bus and drive with the bus named “Havørnen”.
When returning from Mandø, the tractorbus leaves for the main land (Wadden Sea Centre) half an hour after the tour ends. It is also possible to use the other departures in the public schedule, which you can find on
Adults: 300 DKK
Children (from 3 to 13 yo): 250 DKK
The price includes transportation to the island of Mandø and the return trip to the mainland.

300 kr.

Children ( 2 to12 years)

Questions and answers - practical information

Can walking difficulties also drive?

The Mando bus has a double decker with lift on, so our wheelchair users and pedestrians
Passengers do not have trouble getting in and out of the bus.

Do you bring pets?

You may bring pets they are free to bring.

Can you buy a ticket on the bus instead?

You can buy a ticket before boarding the bus.